What is the festival?

The festival, now in its third year, offers a unique, one of a kind musical, cultural, personal-growth, healing interactions & experiences, in a setting reminiscent of the famous “Woodstock” style music festival.
It promotes harmony in diversity, through a cultural exchange by bringing together top performers from various Latin American countries as well as and local traditional Andean music. 

Attendees will enjoy day and night performances, taking place in a picturesque setting with the Andes Mountains as a backdrop. The program covers traditional, contemporary, ceremonial, healing, and relaxation activities. 
A series of lectures and demonstrations on art, ancestral ceremonies, therapies, and historical storytelling will be offered through interactive workshops.

 This two-day event seeks to generate awareness for Peruvian and Incan cultural, sustainable development, and care of the land and its resources. This year, a unique experience awaits visitors because as luck will have it, in the heights of the nearby mountain, lays a Condor’s nest. This bird’s majestic flights over the hacienda will add a touch of wonder and delight to all.

Festival de Musica Nativa is a totally family-friendly music/dancing/singing experience and offers onsite group lodging and tent camping at the Hacienda, or nearby hotel accommodations.